Tell Doug Ericksen to resign from his state Senate seat!

President Donald Trump has tapped the notorious climate denier Sen. Doug Ericksen to work for the Environmental Protection Agency's transition team. As if that weren't bad enough, Ericksen is planning to continue serving in the Washington state legislature, drawing two taxpayer salaries for jobs on opposite sides of the country.

Sen. Ericksen owes it to his constituents to step aside and let someone represent them full time in Olympia. Sign our petition calling on Ericksen to resign from his seat!
Senator Ericksen:

It is a disservice to your constituents to accept a job in the EPA while also keeping your state Senate seat. Even during the transition period--which may turn into a permanent job--your duties to the federal government will require your full attention.

We call on you to resign immediately and open the door to new leaders who can truly advocate for the needs and voices of your growing district.
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