We must hold our elected officials here in Washington to the highest possible standards, and when they commit heinous actions, we need to hold them accountable. Rep. Matt Shea of Spokane Valley is unfit to represent Washington, and we’re urging the Washington House Republicans to immediately to expel him from their caucus.

Just earlier this year, The Guardian revealed that Rep. Shea was part of a far-right wing group aiming to carry out surveillance, attack, and intimidate Spokane Valley residents. (1) Now The Guardian is reporting that Shea supports a group training young men in “biblical warfare,” including how to use knives, pistols, and rifles (2). Shea made videos for the group and appeared alongside them at events and paying their founder with his campaign funds (2). Many of their lessons come from a neo-confederate pastor who is a “leading proponent for training Christians for armed battle.” (3)

This is unconscionable behavior by a sitting representative. Will you send a message to Repulican House leadership (Reps. J.T. Wilcox, Joel Kretz, Paul Harris and Gina Mosbrucker) demanding that they expel Rep. Matt Shea from their caucus?

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Subject: Rep. Matt Shea is not fit to lead
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