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Urge Congress to Join the Momentum and Invest in Families!

This week, members of Congress passed a 2022 budget resolution setting the stage to adopt a national paid family leave program and make major new investments in child care and pre-K access, long-term care, health care, college affordability, and other essential family economic security needs. 
We need these investments to restore economic security for working Americans, provide opportunity for all our young people, create greater gender and racial justice, and build an economy where we can all thrive together. Whats more, all these new and expanded services, along with investments in climate change fighting infrastructure, would be funded by increased taxes on the wealthiest individuals and corporations.
But Congress must act now to get these key investments across the finish line. The budget resolution gives House and Senate committees just a few weeks to work out the details of what national paid family leave, childcare affordability, free community college, and other key programs will look like – and how much money should be allocated to each. Time is running out to secure these major investments in workers and families.
Urge your member of Congress to take action today!
When families win, we all win!
Subject: Join the momentum and pass an equitable Human and Care Infrastructure package!
Dear Legislator,
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