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Tell Your Lawmakers It's Time to Make The Ultra-Rich Pay What They Owe!


Washington state has the most unfair tax system in the nation, where the poorest families in our state pay at least SIX TIMES more of their share in taxes than the richest. For far too long, a greedy few have been rigging the rules to ensure the ultra-rich never have to pay what they owe. As a result, our state can’t adequately fund the supports and services our communities need to thrive.
But people across Washington are coming together to fix our broken system, address wealth inequality and give everyone a chance to get ahead with a wealth tax.
It's time we demand our leaders make the wealthiest among us pay what they owe.
We Need Progressive Revenue NOW! Subject: We Need Progressive Revenue NOW! Support SB 5486 and pass a wealth tax for Washington
Dear Legislator,
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