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Let’s Give a Boost to Working Families


The rising cost of living in communities all across Washington is making it difficult for working families to cover the basics and put aside a little for emergencies. 

The Senate Ways and Means Committee is contemplating Senate Bill 5810, which would provide an average tax credit of $350 to nearly a million Washington households in the form of a sales tax refund.

In order to thrive, working families need affordable health and child care, housing, good jobs, and they also need cash to pay for needed car repairsand all those extra costs that hit unexpectedly. The Working Families Tax Credit provides a targeted, needed income boost to help address affordability and the skyrocketing cost of living in our state.

Let’s urge the Senate Ways and Means Committee to pass SB 5810, the Working Families Tax Credit. 

The Working Families Tax Credit is one step in balancing our state’s out-of-whack tax code by refunding a little to those who need it most – thus spurring greater investment in local economies. Currently, low-income people in Washington state pay up to six times more of their income in state and local taxes than the wealthiest Washingtonians.


Subject: Give a Boost to Working Families: Support SB 5810
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