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It’s true! 25% skip treatment because of high health costs

Did you see the recent survey finding that Americans borrowed $88 billion last year to pay for health care? Additionally, 25 percent skipped treatment because of the high cost. It’s true, and we bet you know someone affected by high health care costs this past year. 

Let’s tell our legislators that Washington families deserve affordable health care.

We can do better for Washington Families with, ESSB 5526, Cascade Care. Cascade Care will reduce the amount Washingtonians pay for health insurance and deductibles while assuring access to quality care in the individual market. It will provide a safety net for individuals and families with no other insurance option, while improving the entire health care system by driving down costs.

To make health care affordable, Cascade Care includes cost transparency and containment measures. But industry lobbyists are pushing hard to strip common sense caps on what hospitals can charge, and to take away the provisions that would make health care accessible for working families. 

Subject: Vote Yes on Cascade Care (ESSB 5526)
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