Even during a pandemic, our fight for a progressive future goes on. Every day hits us with another reminder of why electing effective progressive leaders is so important.

Even while we do our part against the pandemic, the truth is that the 2020 election is coming fast with profound consequences for our country. Behind the scenes we’re working non-stop to research our primary Progressive Voters Guide and expand to battleground states. Thanks to the support of hundreds of Fuse members over the last year, we’ve already expanded our Progressive Voters Guide to critical races in Virginia and California.

Now is when the Progressive Voters Guide team needs your support! Early donations help us jumpstart the research, interviewing, and infrastructure building that we need to make a difference in bringing the guide to as many voters as possible. Our 2019 guide reached 195,000 Washington voters this year, and next year we're aiming to educate more voters on progressive candidates than ever before. Will you support our critical work for 2020 today?

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